Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oracle World 2008, 9/23, 3pm and beyond!

3:00 pm:

Keynote – Paul Otellini, CEO of Intel

Otellini was pushing the idea that time is money and highlighted all of the industries that Oracle/Intel collaborate in which time = money. Key takeaway: Getting to data faster, processing transactions faster all equate to cost savings, sometimes life savings, if you are a health-care related company.

Rest of the keynote was by Thomas Kurian a vp at Oracle. He showed a lot more of the Fusion apps like BI, Beehive, Content Management and Identity Mangement. Its still somewhat “con-fusion” as far as I can tell. A lot of transitional type apps but the end state is clear: complete, open, and integrated.

Vendor Expo:

The Oracle hands-on demo of CRMOD was enlightening. Very popular booth but I got a few questions in:

How are configurations migrated from stage to prod? Unfortunately transferring configurations is manual from instance to instance.

How configurable is the look/feel? Very. All style sheet driven.

How are territories managed? Assignment manager type application.

How real-time is the analytic dashboards? They are cached for performance reasons but can be refreshed, on-demand.

Are custom objects exposable through the web service framework? Yes, they enable all CRUD functionality even for custom objects. As simple as pushing a button to generate the wsdl.

I saw some of the embedded partner apps and got a better feeling for level of customizations that can be done by listening in on some customer conversations.

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