Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oracle World 2008, 9/24, 1030 am

Partner Ecosystem for CRMOD:

active prime: real time deduplication/dq
anetnna software: mobile devices
big machines: quote building service
blueroads: lead generation
castiron: application integrations
eloqua: marketing
helpstream: self serv
hoovers connect: social networking data
inside view: social information and other news
ribbit: voicemail and softphone in action bar
right90: sales forecasting
savo: document management
white springs: sales methodology

Demo:looked at opty and launched white springs to see methodology and see contacts and their relationship on decison maker. Site has 3 tabs: methodology, stakeholder analysis, and actions.
Added new contact in CRMOD which has active prime. User was prompted with matching contacts using some fuzzy logic (cusomizable?)

Right90 offers demand forecasting (excel look/feel) change history is captured, can do a ramp up or decay on attributes about the revenue item and spread across the period

Eloqua offers lead scoring for a given program. Leads can be ranked and pushed into CRMOD. in CRMOD, you can drill into the lead and see the eloqua activities (click thru, visited site)

Case study from shoretel (nasdaq SHOR):on premise for call center: account system of record, support/case mgmt

They use CRMOD for lead/oppty management, general sfa, marketing mdf. using big machines, cast iron, and eloqua.

Big machines is a quote building service which creates orders in the back office erp w/ bidierectional status data, they use cast iron which integrates syspro with siebel bidirectionally, only took 10 days to build out. Eloqua for lead generation replaced csv manual entry. configuration/integration done in 45 days

Case study from intelenex:integrated crmod, cast iron, xactly, and big machines
xactly handles the incentive compensation

sfdc is unable to provide integration references!

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