Thursday, September 25, 2008

Oracle World 2008, 9/25, 10:30am

Siebel Integration Options

Web svc usage has grown exponentially, connectors have declined rapidly. Connectors are likely to be removed in future versions. CORBA on the way out as well since its been replaced by Java.

MSMQ is not being developed any further.

MQSeries is very popular with developments for dynamic queuing. Customer base moving toward JMS and Websphere MQ.

Java Business Service has growing use from customers and leverage classes deployed on app servers.

JMS is the Oracle preferred solution for Reliable Messaging. Also IBM preferred solution.

UI Data Adapter for putting a diff't front end Siebel. Rapid solution development.

Web Services is of two flavors: ASI (for CRUD basic functions) and Functional (to expose enterprise specific services and processes).

SOA Suite integration topology: JMS Messges & Web Service Calls to a SOA Suite w/ ESB

BI Publisher allows for report development that is not dependent on a new compile on srf. Has same benefits of actuate (context/view specific). Enabled via web services.

Siebel Enterprise Manager v1 proposed features:
  • ADM - EM integration
  • Multi-server install
  • Server/Enterprise cloning
  • Configuration audit & rollback

Integration evolution:

Siebel EAI has limited standards support (lots of 1.0 versions). This indicates an old stack.

Looking to move to Web Logic Server to be the outer face of Siebel EAI with wider standards support (OASIS 2004, OASIS 2006, WS_Trust 1.3, HTTP Publish/Subscribe)

Siebel EAI stack is being frozen for new functionality while Web Logic Server infrastructure is built out.

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