Thursday, September 25, 2008

Oracle World 2008, 9/25, 9am

Enterprise 2.0: New face of CRM

"post comment"?

"the groundswell is: a social trend in which people use technologies to get things they need tfrom each other, rather than from traditional institutions like corporations" Charlene Li

HBR 2006 study: 52% have trouble populating/maintaining data, 41% getting user acceptance

social computing does not require any training

"Adaptive Path" camera analogy

Siebel 8.0 Task Based Interface, provides guidance and highlites areas to complete

ipod analogy: ipod itself is easy, simple, limited but itunes provides much more functionality

ipod them extended to CRM gadgets. most basic, most easily consumed functions. more complex interactions are done in the app and is only a click away.

gadgets are in beta (

If you click the phone number, the click is captured in crm w/ time of call. call service is in the cloud and rings your own mobile if it is registered in the service. All visibilty rules are applied.

Gadgets are based on Adobe Air (mac, windows, linux) , not google desktop

For the browser, igoogle or flash

Contact Gadget: your contacts, click to talk, you get voice analytics which will determine best time to call. Contacts can be categorized and tagged, social networks can be searched. Search window does predictive searching. Searches are captured as well to get trends. For example, doing a search on a problem.

Improving the interface: old way: process->data-> technology. new way: experience->features->technology = Process Centric to User Centric design

Report Less, Sell More

Radar Demo: shows contacts and when they were last contacted in a graph. quadrants include new customers, prospects, active, inactive to visually see which contacts need to be called. Amazing! Can be extended to service requests for aging service requests. had a rollo-dex interface for contacts based on Adobe Flex.

oracle has a twitter channel

given the volume of information using blogs, twitter, etc. how can it all be consumed? the demo of the oracle flex view of tag clouds to view what people are saying about your product. can also be used to look inward at what sales people are saying about deals. can also be pointed to email to scan headers and jog memory regarding conversations.

key themes: community, collaboration, content

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