Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oracle World 2008, 9/24, 9 am

Real ROI: Business Case for Upgrading to Latest Release of Siebel

Siebel 7.5.3 ends Dec 10 2008

Justifying upgrade to CIO, CFO based on 5000 users, 7.5. to 8.
Cost table based on ROI calculator on ID 738922.1 on Metalink.
TCO goes from .86 to .67 to .49 (7.5 to 7.7/7.8 to 8.0/8.1) based on effort (person hour) and configuration and operations for one year.
Application Deployment Manager should decrease deployment costs by 75%
Siebel Business Rules engine (code base becomes metadata) should save 5 to 15% in costs
Siebel 8.x improves hardware ROI - 30% scalability w/ current HW
For this scenario, upgrade cost = 550k, maintenance costs go from 2.5 million/yr to 1.3 million/yr. Over 3 yrs, IT/CFO savings are 1.2 million/year. Total 3 yr savings is 3.05 million with payback in 6 months.
Based on:
  • Medium complexity has 80k to 200k lines of scrip and 20 to 40 wf, and 50 to 80 custom bc.
  • Upgrade assessment 65k to 70k
  • Upgrade execution (configure, validate, deploy) go to from 350k to 650k

Using the same use case, what else will you get?
  • Using Real-Time Decisioning in the product
  • Pricing Management
  • AIA/PIP for integration w/ CRMOD

Home Shopping Network Case Study
HSN needed to upgrade w/ no downtime. Siebel is the call center for 2k reps. Converted 400k lines of vb to escript, 30 real time interfaces, 100 batch interfaces. Two step upgrade from 6.2 to 7.8 to 8.0. eSales w/ 250k visitors a day. Business measured as $/min. 2 TB db.

Gradual migration: live w/ 6.2 and 8.0 w/ real time integration for 3 mos.

Used GoldenGate software to assist with synchronization between 2 live Siebel instances. Takes care of conflict resolution at the db layer. Both systems: active/active. This also helps with rollback since systems are both active.

Total was 26months and $8 million budget. 3 month phased rollout. They spent 7 months doing mock upgrades to tune the process. Took 3 months to do the conflict resolution and eScript migration. UAT and Int testing was 4 months. 3 upgrade consultants for 12 months. 40 FTE (Siebel, backoffice, Infrastructure)

UPS New Implementation of Siebel 8
12k call center agents. Replaced multiple call center apps with one global case management system with multiple languages (7!)

Key benefits: reduced AHT (avg handle time), improved work hand-offs and operational efficiencies leading to 21 million in savings over 5 yrs. Took advantage of:
  • Task based UI
  • Case Insensitivity
  • Enhanced Deployment tools
  • New UI look/feel for better user experience
  • Business Rules engine
  • Enhanced SOA capabilities
  • Improved stability
  • Supported path to Oracle Fusion CRM
  • 3 Phase deployment after 3 month feasibility study

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