Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oracle World 2008 - 9/23, 9am

9 am:

CRM On Demand Strategy & Roadmap

CRMOD up 55% in NA and way up through the rest of the globe (several areas over 200%)

Fastest growing in Oracle Apps

Large customers: SONY, BOA, P&G, Kodak, GE, Motorola, NASDAQ

Eloqua is a partner, Hoovers, Cast Iron also

Main areas of focus in CRMOD: Industry solutions, Social Networks, Enterprise Grade SaaS, Social CRM

Architected as "pods" of multi tenancy, rather than one large pool. Better suited for larger org needs. Also include private "pods" or single-tenancy to provide flexibility w/ maintenance windows and client needs. Pods can be kept on site, if required, with monitoring and maintenance done by Oracle. (Not sure if sfdc is doing this!)

Current release (R15) includes: sticky notes, message center, dashboards..

Upcoming releases: deal management, prebuilt CRMOD/On Premise integration, Office 2007 support, custom object analytics & web services. Also in R16, more language support w/ improved analytics and forecasting, greater extensibility and integration. PRM as well.

Industry solutions include media and insurance (must be HIPPA compliant).

Demo of CRMOD: familiar top tabs, left menu bar contains "quick shortcuts" to create accounts, leads, opptys, etc. left bar also includes favorite records and recently viewed. Also includes message center in top left corner and search/find function. Edit layout and Printer Friendly views available. Collapsible sections.
  • ActivePrime CleanEnter for DQ to force search before creating.
  • Social Network built in the Contact details to see relationships and to be introduced, similar to Linked In.
  • Ribbit offers single click softphone to dial.
  • Deal Management offers the "what if" scenario building w/ visual graph depicting results.
  • Basic functions: In line editing, drill downs, preview, search, etc..
  • Custom built objects, such as Events, can be configured to have relationships with other custom built objects.
PRM Demo looks similar to the CRMOD. Allows channel manager and partner to collaborate on oppty/orders.

Industry (insurance) Demo showed more softphone/comm tools. CTI allows the agent to work from anywhere with an internet connection.

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